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Helping you add a bit of sparkle!

Our 8ft Loveheart

Archway to Love

So here is our stunning 8ft high illuminated Love Heart with Cabochon lighting. It is a perfect backdrop for pictures, or at an alter even over a cake table, really the options are endless. The caps can also be changed to suit your colour scheme!

Dance the Night Away

Our LED Starlit dance floor – A pure gloss white dance floor that looks beautiful when laid and in place, but adds that extra special sparkle, elegance and “WOW!” factor when hundreds of awe inspiring twinkly and sparkly white LEDs illuminate from within the floor below.

Your Name in Lights

For something a little more personalised to your day why not add your initials along with our stylish ‘&’ to compliment your ‘LOVE’ letters.

All of our wooden letters are free standing at 4ft high with a crisp clean white finish. We have a custom designed font fitted with beautiful Cabochon bulbs.

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